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Lactation Support

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You May Want to Call If...

you are concerned about your milk supply
baby is not regaining birth weight
you have sore, damaged nipples
your baby does not latch
your baby cries all the time
 your baby sleeps all the time
you feel as if baby is not getting enough
 you want guidance on pumping, storing and bottle feeding
you need to take medication, get a scan, have surgery
you are are going back to work or school
want to balance breastfeeding and formula use
you are ready to start solids
you have weaning questions
you are adopting
you want to induce lactation
you just need to talk to a trusted someone

What comes to mind when you think about breastfeeding?  Is it rainbows and unicorns of sweet, cherub babies nursing blissfully to sleep while you gaze lovingly into baby's eyes?  Or maybe it is fraught with a crying baby who refuse to latch or doesn't latch well causing lots of damage while you grit your teeth with tears running down your cheeks?  Or maybe somewhere in between?  Were you told breastfeeding hurts and you just have to put up with it for 6 weeks and then all will be well? 

Some babies latch right on after birth with only the occasional bump in the road.  Other babies need more patience and guidance until everything falls into place for them, then they are well on their way. And then add in knowing if baby is getting enough, gaining enough weight, having enough wet and dirty diapers, clearing jaundice, how to  pump, when to pump, when to start a bottle, how to bottle feed, how to return to work, school or going out for the night, how to find a breastfeeding friendly childcare provider and physician, how to know when growth spurts occur, when sleep will pattern out, when to start solid foods, how to balance solid foods and nursing, what happens if you get a blocked duct or mastitis, strategies needed for over producing or under producing, what it looks like when baby gets teeth and how to manage biting, what does feeding into the toddler years look like, how do you know if baby is self-weaning or on a nursing strike, how do I tandem nurse, how do I wean and the list goes on and on and on.


This is where I can help.  As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and a WIC breastfeeding peer counselor, I have taught breastfeeding to over 3000 parents and have worked with over 600 mothers while logging in over 2000 hours of clinical experience.  This is in addition to taking 90 hours of lactation management and completing 23+ hours of health and science courses, most of which I fulfilled with my microbiology degree.  I am proud to offer the most trusted and highest level of lactation support possible; IBCLC is the gold standard in lactation.  I continue to increase my knowledge and skills with continuing education.  My practice is evidence based with a healthy appreciation for anecdotal practicalities.  I am an eternal optimist.  I believe babies are more than capable if given enough time and support.  I don't go looking for problems unless something clearly is presenting.  There are no one size fits all care plans.  I want to help you meet your goals with a plan that works for both you and baby! 


Which package do I need? 
Call/Text me (Vanessa) @ 913.485.0298 for your FREE 15 minute initial phone consult

Together we will decide which package best suites your needs.  Initial recommendations will be given to set you and your lil one on the right path! 

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of reassurance that you are doing a great job!

Let's Chat!

The following information will save us some time during our 1st phone call so I can help you as soon as possible.  This phone call will help us decide together if all is well or we need additional follow up.  Don't hesitate to ask!  I am happy to help! 

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