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Corona Virus * Covid- 19

Information and Precautions for Families

*Always check with your careprovider as this is a dynamic situation with information changing rapidly


I too have all the feels this pandemic is creating.  I wanted to give you a place to find accurate and helpful information during this uncertain time.  The following links will update in real time.  There is contact information of your local hospital to find their current visitor policies.  And at the page bottom you will find stress reducing guided meditations.  As your doula/educator/lactation consultant I want you to feel safe, informed and supported through the next few months.  I am amending my services to best serve you.  I want to help you, your family, my family and care providers stay safe.  I will be there to help you and your partner prepare through private, virtual hybrid classes, be available by phone/text/video during your labor and provide virtual support after.  IF hospitals are open to doulas and both parties agree in person support will be provided.  These are unprecedented times but I have seen the strength and resilience of families time and time again! 

Stay safe.

Mask Up.

Social distance. 

Snuggle in. 

Enjoy those bumps and kicks. 

I have full faith in you. 

And I am here to help however I can.  


Helpful Links

Evidence Based Information

ACOG Practice Advisory

AAP News

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding CDC

Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine

CDC Inpatient for L&D 

Mother to Baby Fact Sheet

Local Hospital L&D Partner/Visitor Policies 

*Subject to change without notice.


Call to verify.  Currently most Kansas City Metro hospitals have relaxed their policy to two support persons in labor.  We have seen other guidelines like partners must stay in your room the entire time you are there, no trading out visitors, mask wearing when staff are in room and covid testing at admission or 3 days prior if scheduling an induction/cesarean. And of course health screenings upon entrance.  There is also an age minimum.  No siblings will be allowed to visit in the hospital. Also be aware that OB/CNM offices may be limiting appointments to the pregnant person only and Pediatrician offices may be closed or having you wait in your car until your appointment time.  Please check your providers website or call prior to going to your appointment.

KC Metro Hospital Numbers - Ask for Labor & Delivery


Click Above and Take a moment and enjoy a sense of peace and calm with the above  meditations

Advent Health



Overland Park Regional


Olathe Medical



Menorrah Medical


St. Lukes South


St. Lukes Plaza


KU Med




St. Luke's North



North KC 



St. Luke's East



Truman Lakewood




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