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"Words cannot describe how thankful we are to have you guide us through the most amazing day of our life!"

—  Lindsey, 1st time mother

What Others Are Saying About Birthing Beyond LLC - Vanessa Flood:

References and letters of recommendations are available upon request. 



"Vanessa, You have been wonderful!  We are so thankful for you childbirth class teaching, your resourcefulness & experience will all our questions, your calming presence and expertise at the delivery, and your passion for childbirth and life in general.  Thank You!"  -1st time parents

"Vanessa, I can't thank you enough for how supportive you were to me and my husband as our doula the day little Brayden entered the world.  What a blessing to have you there.  I don't know what we would have done without you.  It was a great birth experience because of your support.  Thanks again"  -1st time parents

"I appreciate your advice and resources. You are doing something truly honorable with your life." -2nd time mom

"We really learned a lot, the best part is knowing that my wife and I are on the same page.  We have valuable info for our birthing plan and what to expect regarding whatever type of birth we end up having, hopefully natural"  -1st time parents

"We covered a ton of different topics and I love the comfort of being able to ask questions." -1st time mom


"Thought the class was wonderful. I'd highly recommend even for folks who already have a child/ren but never taken a class. Tons of info that I didn't ever read about. Thanks so much!" -2nd time mom


"The class was great. I liked having it in my own home. The detail was great and I felt I could ask as many questions as I wanted." -VBAC mom


"I would definately recommend this class... I will definately be much more prepared for the baby than if I had not taken the class. Now I just need him to arrive." -1st time dad


"Many of you know my friend Vanessa. She's been teaching child birth education classes, and she just took a course to become a doula a few weeks ago. I asked her if she wanted to be there for my labor and delivery ... So Vanessa was there for the duration of my labor and delivery, and she had some great advice on some positions to try to help manage the pain. Toward the end of it all, as I was finally allowed to push out the baby, I looked down and there was Vanessa helping my doctor deliver my baby!! How wonderful was that, to have my daughter greeted by Vanessa's smiling, excited face! I think Vanessa has been on a bigger baby-high than I've been this week. :)" -2nd time mom (non-medicated births) A special thanks to my friend who gave me such an incredible experience! I will cherish it always!

"This has been great preparation.  You can't learn this from a book or a website.  One-on-one help was the best way to go... I feel prepared and more like a father."  -1st time dad (private class)

"We initially thought $150 was a lot of money, but both agree that we got quite a deal at this point" -1st time mom (private session)

"I liked that Vanessa encouraged open discussion with class.  Felt free to ask any questions"  -1st time parents

"Instructor was very laid back, easy to talk to."   -1st time parents

"I just wanted to say 'thank you' again for the great support you provided during [mom's] labor and all the advice.  You went above and beyond our expectations and provided us with peace of mind before, during and after the labor.  Thanks also for taking all of the great pictures!  With everything else going on we didn't realize how many you took...thanks again and know htat you will come highly recommended to anyone we know looking for a doula in the future."  -1st time dad

"Vanessa, I wanted to thank you again as well for all of your suport and help through my labor.  I know I would not have been able to go entirely drug free on my own.  Your calm and soothing commands were exactly what I needed to stay relaxed and focused so I could achieve my goal.  I am really happy with everything even though we ended up with the unexpected c-section-I still achieved my goal and I am proud of myself for having done it!  You have a wonderful talent and [dad] and I really apprectiate all you did-especially all the pictures.  What a wonderful and unexpected surprise for me after I got home-so emotional!  I really cherish those...thanks again for everything."  -1st time mom

"I feel like the class answered a bunch of questions my wife and I had before.  We thought how great Vanessa was in reinforcing that we had control of the delivery day, to enjoy it and how open she was to different ways the day could unfold."  -1st time Dad.

"The most phenomenal doula EVER!" -1st time Mom.

"I know I could have done fine without much help, but I can't  imagine going through it all without you.  The phone calls and advice were invaluable during pregnancy and your calm and positive attitude made a challenging delivery seem simple.  You are a great doula and an even more amazing person.  Thank you for everything you do!"  -2nd time Mom of twins.

"Vanessa was great.  When I first came to the class I had different plans.  My eyes were opened and I feel much more comfortable and relieved about becoming a new mother.  Thank you." - 1st time Mom

"V is great.  Real world examples.  Best instructor you could ask for!"  -1st time Dad

"Instructor is "best I've seen."  The instructor, Vanessa, was very knowledgeable and fun.  She was really entertaining and talented.  V was great.  Promote her."  - 1st time Dad

"Vanessa is very visual & explains things very well.  She - this class - inspires!"  - 1st time Mom

"Very informative for new parents.  It's an exciting time but filled with some anxiety.  The questions answered made it all seem safe and exciting." 1st time Dad  


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